ACTIVITY: Calculating Spousal Support

For this activity, you are going to use the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines to calculate the recommended amount of support payments for you.

        Step 1:  Go to
        Step 2:  Select “Support Calculator”
        Step 3:  Select “Spousal Support Only”
        Step 4:  Enter the information for you and your former spouse
        Step 5:  Calculate
        Step 6:  ; Review the amount and the duration of monthly payments
        Step 7:  Come back to this website to continue the course

Keep in mind that this amount is in addition to child support payments and payments for special and extraordinary expenses. Does the amount seem fair? Is it what you had in mind? Is the duration agreeable to you?

The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are based on the amount that Canadian courts have generally awarded for the majority of past decisions. The guidelines do not deal with the matter of whether a spouse is entitled to support or not. They are applied after entitlement has been determined.

Note: You can also use this calculator to provide child support payments.