PAS Finances Acknowledgements

The Justice Education Society of BC has been instrumental in developing and delivering a range of parenting after separation courses and resources. This course, Parenting After Separation: Finances (PAS Finances), builds on this tradition.

The course was initially delivered exclusively as a 3-hour in-person workshop. At the time, it was called Finances After Separation and it was a follow-up course to the provincially mandated Parenting After Separation course.

In 2014, the course was rewritten, with a range of input from course facilitators, past course attendees, family justice counsellors and various Ministry of Justice personnel. The new PAS Finances Handbook for Parents and the PAS Finances Facilitator’s Guide were written by Linda Bonnell, and Betty Ife. They were edited by Marylou Leung and Dave Nolette. From these resources, scripts were developed to produce the videos. Online activities are drawn from the PAS Finances Handbook for Parents.

The video production team was led by Jessica Sturrock and included James De Boer, Simon Yi and Dave Nolette. The on screen facilitators are: Dee Dee Sung, Garth Barriere, Andrea Vawda, Vijay Vaibhav Saini. The web production team included Paul Lin, Simon Yi, Jessica Sturrock and Dave Nolette.

Updates to the PAS Finances course and resources, as well as production of the online course were made possible by funding from the Department of Justice Canada..

Department of Justice Canada.       Justice Education Society.